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Hi, I'm Kayla!

I've been intrigued by body movement and alignment from a very young age. I've spent the last few decades training, teaching, and professionally performing dance of all kinds, including classical ballet, modern, acrobatics, Irish dance, hip hop, samba, and much more. I began assistant teaching dance classes at age eleven, which led to teaching my own classes in college and beyond. My long-term experience teaching others how to move their bodies made it an effortless transition into educating my clients through posture therapy.

My extensive knowledge and love of movement naturally led me to become certified as a Posture Alignment Specialist (PAS I & II) in 2017, shortly after that gaining an Exercise Therapy Skills certification, and later became certified as an Advanced Exercise Therapist, all through the Egoscue Institute. After moving to Utah in 2022, I opened Thrive Posture Alignment. I'm excited to build relationships and help individuals succeed in their health journey!

I take pride in allowing the time to understand what each client needs in order to reach wellness. During sessions, you can expect my full attention, positive attitude, and caring nature to help you feel motivated to reach your goals. Thrive Posture Alignment is ready to help you, so don’t delay your health another day - get in touch now!

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Kayla's Personal Testimonial

"I am so grateful I found posture therapy when I did. I corrected major pelvic imbalances that were leading to improper usage of my hips, and in turn, symptoms of sciatica, low back pain, and knee pain. One of the more difficult issues was migraines with aura. Previously, I'd lose an entire day or two due to these because all I knew to do was to lay down in a dark, quiet room. Now, I very rarely have migraines come on, and if one does - I can stop the symptoms quickly and avoid the head pain and nausea! The best part is I have my whole day back now. Thanks to posture therapy and knowing the root causes of my symptoms, I have been able to eliminate pains, know how to properly sustain better alignment, and strengthen my body in balance to avoid larger issues long term."

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