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Kayla is a dream to work with! She truly cares and listens to all of my needs and wants! Her patience lets me know I’m in good hands! I was having some knee discomfort and after her recommendations I can really feel the change! I have no more knee pain!



About a year ago I went through radiation and chemo therapy treatments for cancer. The good news is I am cancer free. The bad news is the therapy also got rid of all the good stuff. 
I was extremely weak and experienced aches I never knew before. 
Kayla has helped me regain my strength through the well thought out routines she has given me over the past several months. Kayla explained how to do every exercise and the benefits of each. Kayla is concerned about my comfort and makes sure the movements make sense to me. I am pain free and my posture and balance have improved dramatically. I find myself much stronger and more confident every day.
Thank you Kayla for your special training and knowledge of what would work for me. 
If you are experiencing aches and pains and would like to heal yourself instead of masking the pain with drugs, do yourself a favor. 
Reach out to Kayla! THRIVE POSTURE ALIGNMENT.  You won't regret it. 



Kayla is truly the best! I have worked with her over the past several years and have been truly blown away by her warmth, kindness, and knowledge of her craft. She has helped me align and strengthen my entire body, has helped me out of some tricky back spasms, and most recently has supported me in having the best posture and alignment possible while I am pregnant. I feel much more comfortable and pain free this pregnancy than I did with my first because I have been working with Kayla. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to feel better in their body, but especially pregnant mamas who want to feel their best going into this big transition!!



During the past several years, I’ve been having successful treatment with an incredibly gifted certified postural alignment therapist. I transitioned to online sessions during Covid, even after Kayla moved out-of-state. Think seeking physical therapy with a specialist in postural alignment, all at home and with verifiable results. Trust me, if you do the exercises, you will reap the positive results.

As many of you know and as I’ve come to learn, body/diseases are management issues. I’m never going to NOT have scoliosis and it does impact my shoulders and neck, but my daily regimen REALLY empowers me to not feel victimized and to be able to TAKE CHARGE to manage these issues. I can certainly minimize pain and slow the progression.



I lovingly call my PT with Kayla, my “Kaylabration!” Yes, it’s a celebration and re-calibration of my 70yr old active social ballroom dancing body...with back issues…
When my spine almost spasmed out yesterday, Kayla suggested I do our regular exercises. Huh? That’s the last thing I’d think to do. Well, I felt immediate relief. Finally having some pain to measure if Thrive Alignment works, allows me to speak my truth from my heart. So consider this my Breastimonial (not testimonial).
I just now signed up to continue with Kayla’s 6 month package!
She’s knows her stuff, a great listener and a pleasure to work with.



My shin splints are entirely gone. Turns out I have sh*t posture, so I've been seeing Kayla and oh my goodness she does witchcraft because I saw very fast results in my running/standing form. Book her immediately.



Kayla got me out of pain so quickly! I'm a hairstylist of 40 years and I thought I was going to have to give up on my passion. Kayla has been working with me and as long as I do the exercises and stretches she recommends, I am pain free.



Posture therapy sessions with Kayla have dramatically improved my quality of movement!

I am 70 years old, and before I started this program, I experienced muscle tightness in my neck, shoulders, back, and hips, and aches and pains in the joints of my ankles, knees, and hips as I walked up and down stairs (a problem since our house is 3 stories!!).

Now, as long as I do my posture program and use the tower, the aches and pains and tightness are gone, and I move pain free!   

Kayla is a master at analyzing the ways I place my weight and hold and carry myself.  I am extremely grateful for this program and the difference it is making in my quality of life!



Kayla's Personal Testimonial

I am so grateful I found posture therapy when I did. I corrected major pelvic imbalances that were leading to improper usage of my hips, and in turn, symptoms of sciatica, low back pain, and knee pain. One of the more difficult issues was migraines with aura. Previously, I'd lose an entire day or two due to these because all I knew to do was to lay down in a dark, quiet room. Now, I very rarely have migraines come on, and if one does - I can stop the symptoms quickly and avoid the head pain and nausea! The best part is I have my whole day back now. Thanks to posture therapy and knowing the root causes of my symptoms, I have been able to eliminate pains, know how to properly sustain better alignment, and strengthen my body in balance to avoid larger issues long term.

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